Curves are back in – Skinny is out in the modelling industry

Curves are back in – Skinny is out in the modelling industry

The modelling industry is changing and skinny is no longer the new black in the modelling industry.

Thanks to the realisation that the size 6 model in the fashion world was casting disturbing waves through the clothes-buying public, the modelling industry globally has turned its back on the trend of waif thin models and started to focus on broadening the look of models to a more realistic and relatable curvier option.

The industry as a whole has been held accountable for the long-held idea that stick thin models were the standard. The 23-inch waist and the eating disorders and challenges that come with maintaining a thin frame to fit the demands of industry players and designers is thankfully changing with a stack of new curvier models entering the industry and successfully landing jobs on the catwalk and for a range of advertising campaigns.

Negative body image and the excessive thinness of models of the past has lead to an industry boycott of the desire to be stick thin in the industry. Thanks to social media and a change in the perspective of fashion houses, editors and casting agents has opened the industry to healthier models and a wide variety of sizes sashaying down the runway.

Vogue has been showcasing ‘Curves Conquering the Runways’, promoting the beauty in the launch of extended size options in a wide range of designers lines to include curvier options for every woman.

The new focus on curves has shaken up the runway and refreshed it to include a range of ages, backgrounds, cultures and shapes, something quite different to the past size 0 model of the 1990’s.

The former under represented curvier model is now front and centre of the catwalk with the wave of change occurring throughout the global fashion world. These days some model management groups are primarily focused on curvy models, highlighting the increase in demand for runway realism.

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