How to use your social media platforms to build your modelling profile

How to use your social media platforms to build your modelling profile

These days the world of modelling is more about promoting yourself online than it is carrying around a folder of your favourite headshots.

Today’s models need to be social media savvy and embrace social platforms to get the exposure they need to put their best foot forward in the fashion world.

Social media opens lots of doors in the world of modelling and if you want to connect, influence, and gain the exposure you desire to get noticed in the competitive modelling industry you’re going to need to connect with photographers, models, agencies and industry professionals, and social media is the way to do it.

Here are our top tips on how to use social media to advance your modelling career:

Get your platforms sorted

For models, you want to keep your social platforms personal yet professional, and the best way to do it is to sign up for some of the world’s most used social sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tailor your content to ensure that you are focusing on your modelling, fashion and beauty and avoid any overly personal posts or posts that might not propel your career in the right direction (such as political posts or posts about content that may not be relevant).

Take your photos like a pro

Modelling is a visual industry, and you want to ensure your profile pics and any photos or videos you upload are professional and give a strong and striking first impression. Don’t upload any image that might hinder your modelling profile online and remember once you upload a photo it can stay on the web forever so only upload images you’d add to your portfolio on your public page.

Tag carefully

If you are going to tag be sure you are only adding tags that you want to be associated with and you will need to ensure that you are paying attention to hash tags that you use on your Instagram feed to ensure that you are only using tags that broaden your profile and keep you looking professional and in line with your modelling portfolio.

Be proactive

If you’ve ever followed any of your favourite celebrities or models, you would know that they are super active on social media and give their followers the information and pics they desire to continue to engage. Follow relevant photographers, agents and accounts that you want to engage with and comment and contact potential individuals in your networks to promote your page. If you are looking to gain traction in the industry, your social pages will help to get the exposure you’re looking for.

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