Brand Ambassadors: Who are They and Why are They Important

Brand Ambassadors: Who are They and Why are They Important

When you have a business, you employ different types of marketing strategies and you must be innovative when it comes to introducing products to your target market. Although digital advertising has taken up most chunk of the advertising world, there is nothing like the word-of-the-mouth advertising. In essence, this is what brand ambassadors are expected to do.

Brand ambassadors, also called brand advocates, are clients who have tried the product or service you’re offering and have grown to love it enough, then spread the good news about it. The most important factor of a brand ambassador is his or her credibility. If people do not believe the person, you can’t expect them to believe in your products or services.

Brand Ambassadors Versus Brand Endorsers

How are the two different or similar from each other? Both ambassadors and endorsers, in one way or another, have tried your product or service. Although the endorser may not be very passionate about it and sees it as just some gig to work on, brand ambassadors think differently that they are passionate of what they’re doing that they can do it with you for years. In a nutshell, endorses can leave you a good review or would agree to a radio, tv or online ad, but that’s it. There is no personal connection. Whereas, the ambassadors can be contacted all year long if you need them to talk about your experiences with the products. To put things in perspective, an endorser will say good things about the product even if he or she haven’t tried it. However, a brand ambassador, which is usually a celebrity or a model from top modelling agencies, can say nice things for a year straight without fail.

Why are Brand Ambassadors Important?

An individual who can speak positively about a product to create brand awareness; therefore, boosting sales is very important for a business. A brand ambassador is someone who raises awareness and influence the buying power of consumers. The importance of brand ambassadors can’t be discounted, especially that they’re considered the face of the company. They are seen as trustworthy and reliable sources regarding the brands that they are using.

Celebrity or Top Model Ambassadors

Recently, the use of celebrities or models from top modelling agencies have soared up. This may have been because the modelling industry has also evolved into taking uniqueness as one of the many aspects to be a successful top model. Brands loved the idea of models being relatable to many consumers; hence, the demand for model brand ambassadors. Integrating a famous celebrity to any brand is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing or even PR strategies. Taylor Swift became an ambassador for Diet Coke and is a genuine fan of the beverage. On the other hand, Beyonce became the ambassador of the rival, Pepsi and performed during the Super Bowl’s halftime show.

Brand ambassadors will live and breathe your brand. This is the reason why it is quite effective in any company’s marketing strategy.

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