Fitness Tips to Shape Up Your Winter Body

Fitness Tips to Shape Up Your Winter Body

A study conducted by the University of Colorado has proven that our capability for fat storage doubles during the winter compared to the other seasons of the country. For models, the winter is a very tiring season but a peak one for top modelling agencies. Fitness coaches encourage models to ensure a 30-minute workout everyday during the winter to help stay fit. Check out some of the fitness tips that you can do while the season is cold and your baggy clothes is conveniently hiding any bulges:

  1. Get your mindset ready. Ditch your comfortable and baggy cardigans for there is a subconscious association between baggy clothes and just lounging. Break the spell of laziness and choose colours that will energize you, such as pink, bright blue or red.
  2. Check what you’re eating. Our cravings skyrockets when the day gets short. Opt for low fat food such as sweet potatoes, cinnamon toast or oatmeal with sugar. Cravings tend to go strong as the day wears down, so try to eat protein, vegetables and dairy products. Put a break on binge eating by spending at least 20 minutes a day outside or in a bright window to increase your serotonin, the mood-lifting chemical.
  3. Don’t be derailed by a snowfall. Remember to do your outdoor workout regularly. Always invest in a trail running shoes and run slower than usual as well as take shorter strides.
  4. Now on a couch, doesn’t want to break a sweat. Ensure to change directly to your workout clothes when you arrive home. This way, you are not tempted to hit the couch again. You can also do the at-home and no equipment routines that you can find scattered online.
  5. Hard to exercise when it’s all gloomy outside. Always perform the extra hour of shut eye before going to sleep. This means setting your alarm on your phone and avoiding the use of your computer or TV before going to bed. Researches proven that people who are night owls or those who want to sleep past midnight are three times more likely to experience symptoms of depression than those who opts for at least an 8 hour sleep daily.

Committing Yourself to The Action Plan

Having a plan to stay fit during the winter may be something that you can do easily with the help of your agent from top modelling agencies but to really follow it, that’s another story. If you want to land on some modelling gigs from top modelling agencies, a physically fit body all through the season is a must have.

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