Why Different is the New Beautiful

Why Different is the New Beautiful

Contrary to what people most believed, being different in the modelling industry can equally be beneficial than it is a curse. Compared to the old years, people are now more adaptive to changes and are completely ditching stereotyping in almost all aspects of our lives that even if they see something that’s different, they still see the uniqueness and beauty of it. Gone are the days of top modelling agencies looking for the physically pretty and fit figures can strut their stuff.

Modelling in the Recent Years

Today, it takes much more than a beautiful face as the modelling arena has levelled that even the plain Janes look so stunning on camera. Want to become a model? It takes more than just a pretty face and a good figure. You are required to be a total package; a combination of physical appearance, resilience, great personality and talent.

Being Different Could Be Your Best Ticket

So why is being different a trending story in the modelling world? The main reason is that we are so used to seeing regular models that anything that is new or unique is refreshing to the eyes. Have you heard the story of the first model with a down syndrome? Madeline Stuart is an Australian model with down syndrome who appeared in the New York Fashion Week Catwalk and various fashion shows thereafter. And let’s not forget Winnie Harlow who has a skin condition called Vitiligo that causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation. Discovered by Tyra Banks herself, Winnie took part in America’s Next Top Model and is now under the umbrella of a top modelling agency. These two and many more are proof that physical features are not the only passes to becoming a model nowadays. Being unique is now what most bigwigs of top modelling agencies are looking for.

Why Being Unique Gets Noticed

People always want variations; we always want options so we are not limited to a few choices. This is one of the many reasons why being different gets noticed in the modelling world. Since we see these models in billboards, magazines, TV, on the internet and all other sorts of media and publication, we want the models to be more like us and not some elite people who we can’t relate to. We want them to be touchable and someone we can see interacting with us in our daily lives. To make it simple, subconsciously, we want models to be ordinary people with flaws.

Uniqueness that are Trending

So do you have a skin condition that you’re trying to hide all your life? Or do you have a medical condition preventing you to look beautiful? Do not despair if you have unusual cheekbones, an Albino, or a woman who looks like a man or vice versa. This is what modelling agencies are looking for. The flaws that you have kept hidden may very well be the passes to take you to this very colorful industry.

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