Why Has Boudoir Photography Become So Popular?

Why Has Boudoir Photography Become So Popular?

Boudoir Photography has been creating a buzz nowadays. A slightly different style of photography than art nude, Boudoir is more on the suggestive side of sexuality whereas nude photography is more explicit. It is done by people who don’t usually model and the images are not intended for a wide audience. However, more and more people are taking their images to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. Top modelling agencies also would like to see Boudoir images on a model’s portfolio.

The Rise of Boudoir Photography

The sexy kind of photography was inspired by the French word for a lady’s dressing room, has taken off so much and has been on the rise in the recent years. On Instagram, more and more people are posting these kinds of images and curiosities have been peaked with more searches on other social media platforms. Boudoir Photography became so popular that member groups have been formed to help photographers with techniques in growing their business. The Association of International Boudoir Photographers have been founded last 2010, creates publishing opportunities for talented Boudoir photographers.

Boudoir Photography Sessions

As this type of photography has taken us by storm, it’s no doubt the high cost for each session. It could run up to a few thousand dollars depending on the photographer’s skills. Although on the rise, many photographers said that their most common sessions are with women and only a handful are with men. This is because women like to mark special occasions or life’s milestones with pictures, such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, pregnancy or weight loss, or even overcoming breast cancer or domestic violence.

More often than not, a woman comes into the studio along with her girlfriends to do the Boudoir sessions. The shoot usually begins with some “girl time” where clients are sipping champagne while their hair and makeup are done. Since most of these clients are not models, the photographer has to teach them to pose. A Boudoir photographer described it as being a model for a day.

A Photographer’s Opinion

Although Boudoir photography has become so popular and are an added business to photographers, some of them don’t have the “wow factor” resulting to images that don’t satisfy clients. The hardest part of doing Boudoir is that photographers are not relying on the client’s body and beauty, which is usually the case for art nude photography. In Boudoir, a photographer needs to be reminded of the concept of the body language and the spirit of the model. Hence, photographers like to work with clients who are not familiar with the camera, those who are nervous about the first experience are easiest to shoot than those who have stock knowledge on how to become a model.

Boudoir Portfolio for Your Modelling Career

If you are an aspiring model, top modelling agencies would be glad to see Boudoir shoots on your portfolio depending on what type of model you want to be. Your portfolio should have between 8 -10 images that cover all your facets. Good luck on your journey to become a model.

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