10 Tips on How to Succeed as a Model

10 Tips on How to Succeed as a Model

Are you dreaming of strutting your stuff on the catwalks of high fashion or grazing in a front cover of a magazine? Then you’re not the only one who wants to become a model. Here are 10 tips to help you from breaking into the business, doing a shoot and working around your flaws.

Breaking into the Business

Tip #10: Study about the industry. Increase your knowledge about everything there is to know about the business, such as models from top modelling agencies, fashion designers, photographers and everything in between.

Tip #9: Snapshots are important. You must have a beauty shot from the neck up. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, have a friend with a good camera take one in black and white.

Tip #8: Have a model in mind. Pick your fave model and study her or him, everything from the way they turn their head to that fierce impression in the runway walk.

Photo Shoot DOs and Dont’s

Tip #7: Do not limp, slouch and always show your neck. Elongate it for maximum extension. Limping should be avoided and always pose with tension in the body from head to toe. Prevent slouching by pretending to have a wire through your spine that’s pulling you up.

Tip #6: Smile (Smile with your eyes). Do not stare aimlessly at anything when posing. You have to create that intensity for the camera and you can only do that through your eyes.

Tip #5: Show up in a photo shoot with a clean face, hair and a good shave. If you don’t like how your hair and makeup is done, don’t let it affect your performance. Use the frustration and model through it.

Tip #4: Innovate your poses. Do not play it safe by staying in the same pose. Try to mix it up. Your wildest pose might be the one that’ll attract agents. Kick your poses a notch by requesting for your fave music while doing the shoot.

Working Around Your Flaws

Working around your flaws may be hard at first but the first thing to understand is that everyone has them. Even the famous models from top modelling agencies have different flaws that they need to live with. However, you don’t want to highlight them during a shoot. And if you want to become a model, you have to know the secrets on how to work around your flaws. Here are some tips that might help:

Tip #3: Chin up. This will make your forehead smaller and elongates your neck.

Tip #2: Emphasize your shoulder. This will give you narrow hips. Turn your body to the side and your shoulders to the camera. The emphasis of the shoulders will narrow your hips.

Tip #1: Want smaller waists? Hands on your hips. This creates a background through your arms and will make your waist appear smaller.

If you are really serious in becoming a model, you may have already known some of the tips above. All you need to do is apply them to your next shoot and wow them all!

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