Top Model Bloggers

Top Model Bloggers

The internet is indeed an avenue for all of us to express ourselves, may it be just on social media or having your own blog. The modelling industry has shifted in the recent years that models do not only count if they have a bigger social media following. Models from top modelling agencies are now finding their own voice and the freedom to share their passions and colorful stories amongst an audience that appreciates them for who they really are and not just for their abilities to pose in front of the camera.

Let’s check out how some of the famous models who are not just sharing great selfies on the internet but a plethora of interesting topics that are more than just images:

Clementine Desseaux

The model combined plus-size fashion, mouthwatering recipes and French glamour in her blog, Bonjour Clem. This is no easy feat but the blog manages to do it elegantly with some posts running from the perfect tarte tatin in Paris, applying Touche Eclat, to how to get that perfect Charlotte Gainsbourgesque bedhead, this girl has got it all for you under one roof.

Coco Rocha

Always the one with a follower in any social media platform, this “digital supermodel” has a clickable blog and more than a million of followers to boot. At, be prepared to be entertained with a mashup of her personal musings, videos of her model friends, favourite Instagram shots and some rants about technology.

Charli Howard is a mix of lighthearted posts and in-depth posts. The girl can talk about her selfies in a minute and then dive onto interviewing glamorous models about feminism and other sensitive topics. Charli Howard always had something to say about anything and her blog is proof about that.

Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanneli had a very colorful career from being a model to being a stylist, art director, photographer and now, a personal style blogger. Her website,,  is an eye-candy at its best with a lot of varieties when it comes to her posts. Read about her wardrobe styles and get enraptured by an array of professional pictures she has snapped on the street.

Emanuela de Paula

Manu by Manu is an addictive blog that takes a travel diary format with a lifestyle twist. Most models travel all around the world for work but there are only a few who can document their journeys as richly as Emanuela did on her blog. She’s also fond of focusing her lens to mouthwatering meals using two languages to describe her snapshots.

Adrianne Ho

Sweat the Style is a health and fitness blog that offers something different. This is a visual diary and a practical advice about staying fit while committing to organic living and clean eating. This blog has a lot of variety to entertain a reader with vegan recipes, working out on a budget and even reviews from virtually any product offered for fitness.

These model bloggers from top modelling agencies are proof that you can push yourself out from that comfort zone and reach out to people, not just by posing in front of the camera, but by being the voice of others.

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