No, we cannot guarantee that you will always get selected for a project even if you are represented via us. Although, we do our best to use our management capabilities and find a suitable project for every model we manage, ultimately it is the client’s decision as to who will be selected for a project.

The management fee we charge is in the form of a commission and it is anywhere between 10-20% of your pay. We only charge the commission fee when you have been selected for a project via our agency. There are no other fees such as joining fees, registration fee, etc. We do not have an in-house photographer. So, if you already have professional modelling photographs which we can use then great, but otherwise we can provide you with photographer recommendations and you will be required to bear the costs yourself.

Most of our photoshoots are conducted within Sydney. But in case there is a necessity for you to travel interstate or outside of Australia, all travel and accommodation expenses will be taken care of by the client.

You may choose to pursue your career outside the agency as well. But in such a case you will need to notify us regarding every project you accept to ensure that we choose the best projects for you keeping in mind factors such as competitive advertising. For example, if you feature on a project for a cosmetic brand, we will not provide you a similar project from a competitor brand for the next few years.

You can apply via our website by clicking on the ‘Become a model’ tab or you can email us directly. We will thoroughly review the application and based on it conduct an interview. Kindly understand that we do not interview every applicant but only those who are suited for our purposes. Also, there are no costs at all in order to be selected for an interview or for sending the application.

The reason we conduct interviews is because it is impossible to gauge the talent of a model via photographs. We will ask you a few questions, and our management experts will fill you in on certain industry tips as well. The entire process will take no longer than 20 minutes, and this is also a good opportunity for you to find out more about our process. We will also review the type of work you want to do and advise work which we think you are suitable for and as to how you can build a modelling career with us.

Not every model who applies to our agency gets selected. In case you had applied and have not been selected it might due to the fact that our necessities for a certain category has been fulfilled for the time being. You can always choose to apply again later on and we may accept your application.
But at the same time, we promise to always take in talented models and provide them the best possible platform and management.