Terms & Conditions

By using the Agency, Models accept the following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “GTCs”) for using https://mercedesmodelmanagement.com.au (following as “The Agency”).


  • MGM Media Model Management (following as “MMM”, “The Company”, “we”, “us” or simply as “The Agency”), is the firm name of the business that will operate in the specific model management market segment.
  • Model and terms Assignment(s) are to intend as the artist model and any training, work assignment, audition or any sort of casting indicted by the Agency where the models will have the chance to participate.

Acceptance of Use

Using our Agency, any model shows to have carefully read and understood any clause present in this agreement. In particular, any model agrees as follows:

  • The Model accepts to remain with the Agency for a minimum binding time of 12 months or for a period specifically agreed between the parties.
  • The Model will stay under non exclusive agreement with the Agency past this period until either the Model or the Agency utilises their entitlement to end this agreement by giving a month, or as concurred, composed notice. The Model will stay under contract with the Agency if undertaking a continuous Assignment(s) until the consummation of that Assignment(s) or any further related Assignment(s) in full.
  • The Model consents to finish any Assignment(s) with the Agency that has been begun in any shape, verbally/composed/email and so on, and may not proceed with this Assignment(s) with an alternate specialist/organisation or without anyone else’s input, or some other frame, of portrayal.
  • The Agency has the privilege to represent the Model and distribute Model points of interest, including pictures, in any special/promoting limit without reference to the Model. The Model concurs that any report, in any media, made, created or distributed by the Agency may not be utilised by some other individual or organisation without earlier composed assent of the Agency. The Model hence concurs that no portrayals have been made to them by the Agency that have given such an assurance and, for the evasion of uncertainty, the Model concurs that the Agency has not and won’t charge the Model for portrayal amid the term of this understanding.
  • The Model concurs that the Agency has the privilege to end this understanding and its portrayal of the Model with immediate effect should the Model, or any individual going with the Model, neglect to carry on in an expert and polite way constantly on Assignment(s) or should a Model neglect to go to a pre-masterminded Assignment(s) without informing the Agency.
  • In case of the Model neglecting to go to a pre organised Assignment(s) without advising the Agency, the Model concurs that he might be held at risk for the expenses of the Assignment(s). The Model has the privilege to end this understanding by giving a month or as concurred , composed notice and concurs that the notice period will begin from the date that notice is gotten by the Agency. Be that as it may, the Model can’t end this understanding, and will stay under contract with the Agency, if undertaking a progressing Assignment(s) until the fulfilment of that Assignment(s) or any related Assignment(s) in full and the Model consents to finish any Assignment(s) with the Agency that has been begun in any frame, verbally/composed/email and so forth, and may not proceed with this Assignment(s) with an alternate operator/organisation or independent from anyone else or some other type of portrayal.

- The Model/Trainee concurs that activity subtle elements will at first be given verbally at the purpose of booking and in this way affirmed in writing in paper or electronic shape. The Model concurs that it isn’t the obligation of the Agency to guarantee the Models well-being while undertaking any Assignment(s). The Model consents to conform to all principles and directions, including those relating to Health and Safety, that are set up at the Agency or any premises, or area, that an Assignment(s) is attempted.
  • Finally, the Model understands this is not a binding contractual agreement so the Model is free to submit other types of agreements and contracts with other agencies.

Payments, Fees, Commissions and Refunds

The Model concurs that the Agency goes about as a work organisation and stipends the Agency sole specialist to arrange and gather, for the Model, all gross wage emerging from any Assignment(s) consulted by the Agency all through the term and in unceasingly way. The model concurs that a standard commission rate of 20% will be deducted by the Agency from the gross charge for the Assignment(s) . (Current standard photographic rate is $50.00/hour, however all rates are debatable with singular customers for all hourly, half day and entire day assignments in any media).

Additionally, no discounts or refunds are payable on commission expenses. The Model perceives and concurs that the Client is the business and a mentor as the case might be , and any instalment for an Assignment(s) must be made to the Model on receipt of instalment from the customer to the Agency. The Model comprehends that the Agency will raise a commission receipt if the Model is paid any expense specifically by the Agency’s customer and that portrayal might be suspended until the point when the commission receipt is forked over the required funds by the Model.

The Agency can’t be considered in charge of instalment of monies owed to the Model by the customer if the customer goes into liquidation or withholds instalments from the Agency for any reason. The Model recognises that they go up against any task sourced by the Agency on an independently employed premise and that they are exclusively in charge of presentation and instalment of any Tax and GST , if relevant, that might be expected and this isn’t the duty of the Agency.

In particular, the Agency cannot be identified as the responsible actor for payments of any type of monies owed to the Model by any customer if this last part goes into a liquidation or similar set of actions.

Finally, as Social Media Influencer activities, we mean any job/task related to social media activities as, but not limited to, events attending, posting, video making and related actions for social media platform.

Each payment in this sense by clients will be directly made to the agency and this last part will take a standard 10% rate payment of clients will be made to the agency and the agency will take 10% and the rest of amount will be directly provided to the social media influencer which must provide his/her correct bank accounting details and a valid tax file number.

Limitation of Liabilities

The Model concurs that the Agency can’t be considered dependable or obligated for any damage or mischance that may occur at the Model when going to or from or amid any Assignment(s) they embrace for the benefit of the Agency. The Model concurs that they are in charge of movement courses of action to and from the area of the Assignment and that the Model must meet any costs brought about when undertaking an Assignment. The Model must phone the Agency inside 48 hours of an occupation being finished to inform the Agency of the hours worked. The Model concurs that if the Agency isn’t told inside 48 hours the Model may not be paid for the Assignment.

Performing Limitation by the Model

Any Model agrees he/she is legally bounded in working exclusively in Australia after undertaking any Assignment and completely accepts that the Agency will not act as a promoter part for each Model not provided by an acceptable photographic identification picture.

Additionally, any Model agrees and bound the Agency, in vest of Data Controller, the ability to collect and share the Model’s personal data with any third parties for commercial or other purposes.

Finally, any Model accepts his/her exclusively responsibility in returning any type or form forwarded by the Agency and the Model is the exclusively responsible for any notification of changes for his/her own personal data to the Agency. The Model also agrees to regularly update the images provided to the Agency. If any request of image update by the Model will be ignored, this last part agrees that the Agency may terminate this agreement with 4 weeks or within an agreed period.

Disclosure Agreement

The Model concurs that they might not without earlier composed assent from the Agency make open any data regarding the matter of the Agency or these Terms and Conditions. The Model concurs that any insights in regards to Assignment(s) work, paid or un-paid, attempted by the Model won’t be unveiled to the press/radio or any media nor posted on any long range interpersonal communication site or open discussion without composed assent by the Agency. The Model concurs that on the off chance that they are considered by the Agency to have unveiled any insights with respect to Assignment(s) work, paid or unpaid to the press/radio or any media the Agency has the privilege to end this Agreement. The Model concurs that on the off chance that they are esteemed by the Agency to have posted deprecatory as well as hostile comments on person to person communication destinations and additionally open gatherings the Agency has the privilege to end this Agreement. The Model concurs that these Terms and Conditions must not be duplicated or replicated.


The Model shall indemnify and hold the Agency harmless from and against all actions, including damage claims, asserted by other users or third parties against the Agency resulting from an infringement of their rights by the Contents posted by the Model on the Agency. The Model assumes all reasonable costs the Agency incurs due to an infringement of third party rights, including all reasonable legal defence costs. All other rights of the Agency, including the right to claim damages, shall remain unaffected.

In the event the Contents posted by the Model infringes any rights of any third party, the Model shall, at his/her own expense and at the Agency’s discretion, either obtain the right to use said Contents or render said Contents free of any infringement.

Feedback, Reputation and reviews

Models accept and acknowledge transferring copyright of all the feedback, reputation and reviews that they may post on the Agency. This feedback belongs solely to the Agency. Models acknowledge that they cannot use this feedback without prior written permission of the Agency.