How to Become a Senior Model

How to Become a Senior Model

Both fashion and modelling industries have become more demanding in the recent years; however, it became affordable, open-minded and very professional as well. Due to the diversity of products and genres, stereotyping is slowly becoming a history. The industry has changed a lot that diversity is inevitable and even the demand for senior models are on the rise!

Why be a Model After the Age of 50

You think it’s impossible? Being a professional model after the age of 50 is now a very plausible idea; thanks to brands who are using models within their targeted market. Some of the successful models are Cindy Crawford, who is now 50. Leslie Winer who is featured in Vivienne  Westwood’s campaign and she’s 60 years old! Let’s not forget about Kate Moss who is still modelling for famous brands.

Senior modelling is now a trend and the demand of models who are aged 50 and above are soaring high. In fact, one top modelling agency agent said that she alone is representing more than a hundred of models aged 50 and up with aged 80, being the oldest. This means that in this profession, your age is finally an asset!

The Steps to Becoming a Senior Model

Do you think you have the looks and confidence to strut your stuff? Here are some steps for you to earn and have fun while ageing:

  1. Time management is important. You have to ensure that you have the time for auditions and shoots. Generally, once a week auditions are typical and shoots can take a day or two.
  2. Headshot done by a professional photographer. Be prepared to shell out money for this and don’t get tempted in using a snapshot done by a friend. Your headshot is the most important thing to get started as this will be reviewed by top modelling agencies in Sydney.
  3. Take an acting class. This may not be very important if you knew how to project your feelings in front of the camera, but if you’re somewhat camera shy or doesn’t know the right angles to go for, then an acting class can help in getting you at ease.
  4. Invest in a modelling class. In a modelling class, you’ll be taught about the different types of modelling, what to expect during photoshoots including how to pose and how to work with the camera, posture and walking, makeup application, health and safety and the business side of the modelling world which are all important if you want to become a successful model. MGM Model Management can assist you in training and has the capability to connect you with an experienced team of models who can undeniably help you with your career.
  5. Get an agent. Might take awhile because it is not easy to attract an agent, especially from top modelling agencies since they are real picky. This is understandable because if you don’t get cast, they won’t have a commission.

Are There Really a Need for Senior Models?

Yes! In fact, there are several types of senior models that are in demand nowadays. You might look like an active athletic senior, a medical patient, a friendly and cheerful grandpa or grandma or even an ethnic senior. There are a lot of possibilities since the media don’t only get exposed to young people. They also need models that will look real to the audience.

Stop telling yourself that you won’t make it because of your looks since the modelling industry now has evolved. Top modelling agencies need “all” types of looks, even the most awkward is in demand.

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